Bryce Canyon National Park

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Is your idea of scenery rock that has been sculpted by natural forces?


The Grand Canyon has a grand scale, but Bryce Canyon has more beauty in the individually carved stones, still on a very large scale.


Sections of Bryce Canyon National Park look like God had told a battalion of angels:

“You will carve the most wonderful rock formations that can be imagined.

Your tools are water, wind, temperature, and sunlight.

These are to be far more beautiful than anything mankind will be able to devise.

You will create feature after feature after feature and row after row.

Go slow. Take as long as you need, many millions of years if necessary.”


The first reaction when you come out of the trance induced by seeing these views is to reach down to the ground to pick up your jaw and put it back where it belongs.


No pictures do justice to this beauty, but we have done what we can to give you an idea.


In our opinion, Bryce Point is the second most beautiful viewing point we have seen — next to Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park.


Bryce Point, Inspiration Point,
Sunset Point and Sunrise Point are the main viewing areas. We could spend all day at each one watching the changes as the sun moves through the sky and the shadows change, and watching as the sun goes behind clouds.


If you are physically able, allow some time to walk down into the canyon. The Queens Garden Trail is only 3 miles round trip, but it has an elevation change of about 1500 feet. This means a lot of down followed by a lot of up. It is well worth it if your body can handle it.



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