Bryce Point

The second best viewing point The Traveling Morgans have ever seen. Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park is first.

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Right: The Aquarius Plateau (background) is the highest in North America at about 11,000 feet. The foreground is the edge of Bryce Canyon. The town of Tropic (left) is in the valley, close-up at left.

Bryce Canyon Amphitheatre (two views)

Total 2700 view from Bryce Point. 55 photographs stitched together by AutoStitch. Click the picture for a larger version or perhaps you will want to see a HUGE VERSION.

Hiker several hundred feet below Bryce Point

Mule and horse rides through the hoodoos are popular.

Your imagination can show you many things when you look at Hoodoos at Bryce point. Can you see an king and two kneeling subjects?

The Alligator

Boat Mesa

The extraordinary color changes with the sun. This was near sunset.

The Traveling Morgans at Bryce Point.

Larry (left) and Phyllis (right). Roscoe and Harpo were not allowed, so daughters Mel and Felicity agreed to pose with us.

Wall of Windows at Bryce Point

Grottos at Bryce Point

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