Sunset & Sunrise Points

Page Last updated 10/04/2007

Sunrise and Sunset Points were so named due to their nearness to the Bryce Lodge. Sunrise point is best known as the starting point for the Queen’s Garden Trail . It is not a particularly good place to watch a sunrise, except (perhaps) compared to Sunset Point.


Sunset Point is the starting point for the Navaho Trail. The famous Wall Street section of the Navaho Trail crashed in 2006 and may never open again. Many consider the views from Sunset Point the most beautiful in the park, but not the best sunset views. See Mossy Cave Area for sunsets.

Boat Mesa from Sunrise Point

Boat Mesa from Sunset Point with noted “Sunset Glow”

Other Sunset Point Pictures

Thor’s Hammer from Sunset Point

“The Pope” from Sunset Point

Close up of “The Pope” from Sunset Point

Rainbows from Sunset Point

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