Our Home is Where We Park It

Canyonlands National Park

Wild and different, but very unfriendly to dogs.

Modified Date: 9/17/2008

Island in the Sky section

Needles section

Buck Creek Overlook

Green River Overlook



Grand View Overlook

Island in the Sky Section

Grand View Overlook

Looking at Needles Section with long range zoom lens


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Canyonlands has three sections. You cannot drive from one section to the other without leaving the park since the boundaries are the very deep canyons of the Colorado and Green rivers. We explored Island in the Sky and Needles sections. The Maze will have to wait for another trip.


Canyonlands has the type of 4 wheel drive roads we like to take, but the rules did not allow us to take our dogs. One of the strangest anti-dog rules we have seen. We did not take the roads this trip, preferring the company of our dogs. We settle for extreme long range zoom pictures some of these roads.


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Two views of the unique and interesting Wooden Shoe Arch