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Arches National Park has the second greatest concentration of natural bridges and arches in the United States. The greater concentration is at Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

Arches National Park

Outstanding! Nearly as wonderful as Bryce Canyon

Modified Date: 9/17/2008

The Gossips

An Ancient Seashore, Frozen Sand Dunes

Delicate Arch is the symbol of the state of Utah.

Devil’s Garden Trail to Landscape Arch. Narrow passages, rock formations that resemble Alien Beings, and wildlife are all featured.

The renowned Balanced Rock.

A short distance away was once a smaller version called “Chip off the Old Block”. It finally fell. Balanced Rock will eventually fall as well.

The Ruins were once suspected of being the ruins left behind from a forgotten city of giants.

The “Parade of Pachyderms”  ends at world renowned Double Arch. This was featured prominently in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

Landscape Arch is the thinnest in the world in proportion to its length. Structural engineering calculations prove the arch cannot stand, yet it does for now. It is a wonder to see, and well worth the hike,


The arch is cracked.


In the 1990’s, several tons fell from the arch. It is now forbidden to walk under the arch. There is no telling when this arch will collapse. It could be soon or it could be millennia. See it soon if you can.

The Spectacles