Our friends Neal and Cheryl Kinnaman are with Phyllis in front of the Great White Throne

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one we considered over rated.

Zion has three great claims to fame
(1) technical rock climbing,
(2) hiking the Virgin River Gorge Narrows,
(3) challenging hikes up the sides of the canyon with narrow ledges like the one to Angel’s landing.

Only the Virgin River Narrows were physically possible for the Traveling Morgans, and the Narrows was flooded both times we were there.  Had we been able to take that hike, our attitude night be different. If you are a technical rock climber or do not mind narrow ledge hiking climbing high up from the valley floor, you might find Zion to be wonderful. It is beautiful, but we did not find it as beautiful as the other four national parks in Utah.

Access is to the main valley is only by shuttle most of the year and our dogs were not allowed on the shuttle.

The Kolob Canyon section, however, was beautiful and lightly visited in spite of an entrance just off I-15. We would like to visit this section again.

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The Organ with Great White Throne behind it

Great White Throne

The Organ, Great White Throne, Angels Landing

Looking up at great places.

Good, but generally rated higher than it should be.

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Rock Climbers near the Organ

There is an intriguing waterfall in Zion near the entrance to the Virgin River Narrows at the shuttle turn around.

Here are three views

Kolob Canyon

A little known but outstanding portion of a well known  national park close to I-15.

This picture was stitched together from several pictures.

Angels Landing