The Organ

Named after the pipe organs used during a silent movie.

No gold has been found here, but there is a treasure of another sort.

Capital Reef National Park

Capital Reef National Park is a well-kept secret. In the minds of many (including the Traveling Morgans) it is more beautiful than Zion National Park.
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Canyon Roads

Really Off Road!

Slot Canyon

Golden Throne

Oyster Reef

Reefs in Utah are colorful and interesting.
They require some explanation.
When we find an explanation, we will link to it.

Driving down these tight switchbacks to the lower road in a long truck with dual rear wheels is an adventure. We had to back up in order to make some of the turns.
Burr Trail comes in from BLM  lands through Long Canyon

Peek-a-boo Rock

Actually a window.

The Temple

It took many millions of years to build

Not well known, but worth visiting.

Modified Date: 7/31/2008

Not quite a true slot canyon, but very narrow — although you can drive well into it.


Our Home is Where We Park It

Burr Trail